12-inch Spatula Tip Serving Tongs with Locking Handle Joint

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Designed for a firm to soft gripping hold, these unique spatula-end serving tongs provide you with a grip and delicate hold for serving delicate flat foods such as pancakes, burger patties, etc. Made of solid stainless steel, they have a special nylon grip that's ergonomically correct and heat resistant, making you less prone to unfortunate accidents. They also have a special lock built right into the handle for easy storage.

Length - 12 Inches
Length (spatula end) - 3 1/2 Inches
Width (spatula end) - 2 1/8 Inches

  • 12-inch serving tongs made of stainless steel with heat-resistant nylon handle
  • Use spatula tongs for serving food only; not recommended for cooking
  • Contoured finger grip for comfort and control
  • Locking handle spring opening joint when storing
  • DIMENSIONS: Length - 12 Inches, Length (spatula end) - 3 1/2 Inches, Width (spatula end) - 2 1/8 Inches